What's Bugging You? – Insecticides

  • Boers & Bagworms: We have a product called "Boer and Bagworm Spray" that comes in a concentrate. Mix with water in a pump up/hose in sprayer as directed.
  • Aphids, Mealy bugs, Scale, Ants, & Spider mites: "Triple Action" is an organic product that we carry to eliminate your pests. Mixing instructions are on the back of each bottle, depending on the particular pest you are trying to remove. Pump up or hose in sprayer is needed for application. We also sell Triple Action in a ready to use spray.
  • Squash bugs: mix two parts Diatomaceous Earth with one part BorActin and dust the leaves of your plants as well as underneath the leaves and along the stems.
  • Grasshoppers: mix one water soluble Demon WP packet into a gallon of water in a pump up sprayer; spot spray to treat.

There's a Fungus Among-us – Fungicides 

  • Powdery Mildew: Looks like a white powdery substance on the leaves; commonly seen on Crepe Myrtles. Treat with Copper Fungicide.

  • Black Spot: Looks like black spots all over the leaves and typically on the lower leaves of the plant; commonly seen on Rose varieties, Indian Hawthorne, & other shrubs. Treat with Copper Fungicide.  

Grow, baby, GROW! – Fertilizers 

We have formulated our Homesley's fertilizers, which contain a unique blend of nutrients and trace elements to be environmentally responsible; it releases slowly into the soil, mimicking organics at a lower cost per square foot, while protecting microbial activity.

  • Lawn: 20-5-10 apply in March, June, and then again in September. This feeds all North Texas carpet grasses and is sure to green up your yard. Used as directed.
  • Shrubs, Trees, Garden plants, Annual/Perennial color, Fruit trees: 14-6-6 Slow release formula that feeds for 90 days

Organic Fertilizers:

  • Happy Frog 7-4-5 Tomato & Veggie
  • Lady Bug 8-2-4 all purpose Fertilizer

Other Fertilizers

  • Tiger Bloom 2-8-4: Liquid fertilizer that is good for succulents and cacti; helps with bloom abundance.